Samsung UN65H6350 review

Samsung UN65H6350 is a 65 inch smart TV and a member of Samsung series LED line up for 2014. This TV came to replace the presence of the UN60F6300 that also did very well on the market. Samsung UN65H6350 comes with enhanced features that make you to enjoy quality pictures. If you are looking for a 65 inch, smart TV please read the Samsung UN65H6350 review below to know whether it has all the requirement you need in your smart TV.

This television comes with 1080p full HD screen resolution to offer their customers in enjoying high quality entertainment at their home. This television comes with clear motion rate of 240 among other advanced features. Samsung UN65F6350 uses a quad core processor and features other advanced features including Smart View 2.0, Voice Interaction, Screen Mirroring, S-Recommendation, and many more.

Picture quality

With the right settings, the color of the pictures that this TV produces is very beautiful. The television not only produces a dramatic contrast with good black levels, but it also has a matte screen that is balanced by high performance bright edge LED backlighting. This makes the television to deliver an amazing picture quality with rich and vibrant color as well as dramatic contrast. Samsung UN65H6350 also comes equipped with many picture adjustments that you can select to achieve the maximum quality pictures that are according to your taste.

Smart Features

A quad core processor that supports this TV makes all the apps and smart features of your television to run faster and to allow multitasking. Apart from the mandatory apps of a Smart TV that includes YouTube, Facebook, NetfLix, HuluPlus it also comes equipped with high speed Wi-Fi for faster internet connection. This television also comes with three USB which you can connect your camera if you want to see your photos or attach any other compatible gadget. Samsung UN65H6350 is compatible with most of both android and IOS gadgets such as tablet and Smartphone. You can actually link this television to your Smartphone or a tablet.

The design

The UN65H6350 looks quite similar to its predecessor series. It comes with Samsung Quad stand design that includes four skinny legs which is dressed in silver plastic. The television back casing is plastic which makes it light weight (about 30lbs). The design is a thin, curvy strip of metal that races along the bottom of the panel.

Advantages of purchasing Samsung UN65H6350

· High Contrast with deep black levels

· Saves energy

· The color appears more accurate and vibrant

· Affordable for most people

· Smart TV with Quad Core Processor

The Cons

· No has 3D compatibility

· Side Viewing Angle

For this class, Samsung UN65H6350 performance is absolutely amazing. The Users will find a healthy selection of ports since the television has three HDMI, three USB, and a coaxial jack live in a slightly recessed area on the TV’s right side. The only drawback of this television is when you watch this television from a side-viewing angle the excellence of the picture is not that great. In addition, the picture quality of this TV is appropriate and the price is affordable for most customers.

The Best AMD CPU for 2015

Recently, the choice between buying an Intel or an AMD CPU has been heightened with a contrast between the high and low end market segments. However, AMD processors are known to be excellent performers as well as cost effective. Here are the best AMD CPU for the year 2015. AMD’s FX line

The FX family is AMD’s latest performance line of CPUs that cannot be compared to Intel’s top silicon chips but their pricing stands out. They include the FX- 8350, 8370 and 8370E . These line of CPUs are highly suitable for conventional computer media processing tasks and PC gaming that also integrates a video slot card. The AMD FX family line comes complete with a video card for the simple reason that they are lack the on-processor video acceleration like Intel’s CPUs.

It is not a discouraging feature because it provides higher graphics performance as compared to the AMD APU and an Intel CPU. The FX line has three different tiers which include the 4000-, 6000- and 8000-Series which are equivalent to low, medium and high end respectively. The low end goes for about $100 while the high end ranges from $190-$200. The 4000 Series are quad core CPUs and are suitable to pairing with any modest video card. On the other side, the eight core 8000 Series offer more power than needed by an average user. You need an AM3 compatible motherboard to use this chip.

AMD’s A Series Chips

This is an APU option also known as a budget option because of they cheap price in comparison to the others. Their top end which is the A10-7850K retails at a price of about $170 complete with on chip graphics accelerators for light gaming and everyday computing tasks. Its price factor is its most outstanding feature. This AMD CPU can be used for gaming by integrating an AMD Radeon video card to boost its performance. If you are looking for better performers then the A Series are your best bet while the E Series will give you power-saving and low-heating computing. The A Series provides the best option when upgrading or building a desktop PC. On the other hand, the E Series will give you value when building a small desktop with a special motherboard that uses many integrated components.

The AM1 Platform

This platform offers a very inexpensive and affordable way of building a compact PC. It was released in 2014 and was specifically targeted to price conscious markets. The AM1-socket-based AMD Athlon 5350 retails at an average price of $50. These AMD CPUs were designed for developing countries where price is a major factor. There are four different types of CPUs in this platform and they are power efficient. All the CPUs in this platform work with AM1-based motherboards. Most of the motherboards cost about $50 with the chips going for as low as $30-50$, a factor that can make a mother board and CPU to cost under $100. These chips are APUs and have modest on-chip graphics acceleration and therefore do not require graphics cards. This feature provides a much smaller outlay in terms of building an AM1 system.